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Vision & values

Our vision

Our vision is to grow a portfolio of exceptional ventures by engaging and developing top talents.

Our values

Striving for excellence

We are dedicated to the development and training of our employees. We aim to attract and retain top-notch talent – people who have the desire to develop themselves.

Honesty and fairness

We nurture open, direct and honest communication and we support ongoing constructive feedback. We honour fair evaluation and we provide rewards, based on performance.

Social responsibility

While being responsible to all our stakeholders, we are committed to giving back to the society by allocating part of our resources and 5% of our corporate profits to our CSR fund.

Positive attitude

We strive to achieve a friendly, motivating and can-do environment, which creates a positive working environment within the company.

Long-term sustainability

We emphatically listen to the needs, preferences and feedback of our customers and partners. We develop successful beneficial and lasting partnerships, and deliver projects that sustainably create added value and profit for all parties involved.

FLV values

  • Striving for excellence
  • Honesty and fairness
  • Social responsibility
  • Positive attitude
  • Long-term sustainability

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