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About us

Corporate profile

FL Ventures is a young investment company focusing on building internet and technological ventures with annual turnover up to €1 mil.

Three main cornerstones of our expertise include:

  • 1. Turning ideas and business plans into real products and services
  • 2. Helping early stage companies expand abroad

  • 3. Securing funding from strategic investors

Our approach

We build succesful companies.

Strongly driven by our corporate values, we aim to build companies that fulfil the following criteria:

  • - Offer a unique product or service with large market potential
  • - Do business in a field where we can add substantial value
  • - Have an exceptionally talented management team, ideally with a successful track record

We are excited about what we do.

Managed by Tomas Laboutka, our team is growing dynamically. We all love what we do – that is what keeps us focused, passionate and dedicated.

We lead by example.

We allocate part of our resources and 5% of our corporate profits to our CSR fund, which is aimed at supporting entrepreneurial individuals willing to start their own business.

We are well connected.

Access to a vast network of investors, successful entrepreneurs and experts in various industries all over the world is a key element of our business. We are guided and advised by an informal Advisory Board consisting of a closed circle of senior experts. Our management has been part of the governmental expert advisory board (NERV) and holds the position of Ambassadors of the Sandbox Network in the Czech Republic.

FLV approach

  • We build succesful companies.
  • We are excited about what we do.
  • We lead by example.
  • We are well connected.

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